Your Body, Prosperity and Power

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Recently I’ve been having trouble seeing my own success.  I know I am the one who is always on you about visualizing. I do believe that If you can see yourself succeed you will, and yet, lately when I close my eyes to imagine having forty or fifty  people in my classes my mind says “Who are you kidding?”.

I immediately thought that I must  be having trouble believing that I could have the money that I intend for myself. But you know what, I could see myself in the new house that I want with a lot of money and lots of beautiful things. So I decided to spend some time getting in touch with my body to see what was going on. Right away I realized that I have been feeling disconnected from my body for a long time.  I felt like a head walking around without a body.

Over the years I seem to have shut down. I have gained a lot of weight, had a husband who was very critical of my looks and an inner voice that would not stop harassing me. I guess I just stopped connecting. It was too painful. I kept looking outside of myself for the answers. Listening instead to doctors, and diet specialists and advisors of all kinds. Thinking always that they knew more than I did about how to succeed at weight loss and success. I didn’t even know any more if I was hungry or not, I was choosing to follow the advise of experts eating what and how they recommended instead of checking to see what my body was telling me I needed and wanted.  When I checked in I discovered that looking great would have left me feeling exposed and too powerful.

So you are probably asking yourself “What does being overweight have to do with business success?” Well, both have to do with being comfortable showing up in the world, being seen and being willing to accept your power. They also both have to do with trusting yourself to know what is best for you.

I work with many people who struggle to make ends meet and never succeed beyond just barely making it. Some have a pattern of sabotaging themselves once their income starts to pick up. If they have been emotionally or physically abused early in their life, they may have learned to hide as a way of protecting themselves. Having money and power can be very uncomfortable if you are trying to be invisible. So we unconsciously make a decision to stay safe rather than successful. We see it as an either or proposition.

If we weren’t cared for in the ways we really needed as a child we still yearn to be taken care of. The child inside of us may feel that if we grow up and become successful and independent that we may lose the opportunity to ever receive the nurturing and love we crave. I see now this is one of the reasons I married my husband. When we met I was afraid that I would fail and didn’t want to have to support myself and I thought he would come to my rescue and take care of me.  He didn’t and I later found out he was thinking I would financially support him. Not a great way to begin a marriage.

If we choose to become aware of our unconscious patterns, we can begin to heal them. We need to become aware of our unmet needs and learn how to nurture ourselves. So how do we do that? We get back in touch with our bodies. We ask ourselves if we are hungry or not. We ask what we feel like eating and doing. We pay attention to the messages we get that say we are tired or need to slow down, we stop doing the shoulds in our lives and businesses and start getting clear about what brings us joy. Even when it feels wrong to stop pushing for the next sale we need to trust ourselves and step back allowing clients to find us when they need us.

We do need to let others know who we are and how we can help them in order for possible clients to find us, but we need to market ourselves in ways that work for us and feel comfortable. We also need to explore how we feel about power and success to make sure that we aren’t sabotaging ourselves.


Take Action

Here is an exercise excerpted from Shakti Gawain’s book “Creating True Prosperity”  to help you examine your feelings about power and how they may be affecting your financial prosperity.

Finish the following sentences.

If I get too powerful I might………

If I get too powerful I might not…..

Powerful people are…….

If I were wealthy and successful I would…..

Power is dangerous when…..

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