You Probably Accomplished More Than You Think

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images copy 14It often feels like we are getting hardly anything done. But often when you take the time to look back you’ve done more than you think. Here are some questions to help you get clear on how you really did this year. If when you finish this review you find that you feel you weren’t able to accomplish what you really wanted to and you don’t want to feel this way at the end of next year, please make sure that you seek out some help. This can come in the form of hiring a coach taking classes or just creating accountability partnerships with friends.


Financial Success

Did you meet your financial goals for the year?

Have you been tracking your income and expenses?

Have you been sticking to your spending plan?

Have you been putting any money into your periodic savings account?

Where you able to contribute any money to your Safety net account?

Have you been able to avoid using your credit cards this year?

Have you been able to reduce your debt?

Did you increase your pricing this year?

Are you happy about your relationship with your money?


Reflect back over the year. What went well this year financially?  What were the biggest surprises?  What do you  need to change in your  money life?  What support do you need to help you  realize your dreams?


Business Growth

What new resources did you discover?

What technological skills did you learn or improve?

What books did you read to help your career?

Did you develop any new products this year?

How many new customers did you gain?

How many business lunches did you have?

What business seminars/workshops/lectures/classes did you participate in?

How many new clients did you enroll this year?


Reflect back over the year. What worked well in your business? What skills do you need to improve? What goals do you want to set for your business this year?


Marketing Triumphs


What did you do to enhance your online presence?

How many people did you add to your mailing list?

Did you join or attend any networking groups?

How many LinkedIn, Twitter  followers or Facebook fans did you gain?

What new marketing materials did you develop and use?

What articles were written about your work?

How many newsletters or blog posts did you write?

How many marketing partners did you develop?

What did you teach your clients about this year, how?


Reflect back over the year. What can you do next year to reach more clients? Who can you partner with to help get the word out about your business? How can you become known as the go to expert in your field?


So How Did You Do Over All?

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