About Sheryl

I started Artful Work because I believe that having your own business is the easiest and best way for creative people to 2015-08-05 12.15.37do the things they love, make great money and have the freedom creativity requires.


I know business success comes from believing you can succeed and learning the business and financial skills you need to thrive. That it has nothing to do with the field you choose. There are doctors who make a ton of money and those who go bankrupt and there are artists that make $10.00 an hour and those who make millions. I think that it’s absolutely unacceptable for schools to graduate art, design and architectural students and never teach them how to be financially successful. Parents ought to refuse to send their kids to those schools.

When I started my first business as an artist after graduating from art school  I went to my local Small Business Association to figure out what I needed to learn to succeed. They showed me a few Power Points talked to me about cash flow and profit and loss statements, handed me some handouts to take home and study and sent me on my way.  

And like you I didn’t have any idea what they were talking about or how to run my business when I left. 

I was lucky though I was young and too stupid to be afraid and I believed in my artistic abilities. At the time I trusted myself to figure things out as they came up and had the support of my friends and family. I also had an innate understanding of how to market my work, so with a lot of ups and downs I supported myself selling my artwork for over 20 years.

Throughout those years I often taught classes in the evenings because I love to teach. I studied everything I could get my hands on about what makes people succeed, marketing and business growth. A couple of years ago I got certified as a financial coach and that finally gave me the skills I needed to stop being scared about my finances all the time and to teach those same skills to others.

My clients tell me I am pretty good at this stuff now and that I have a way of breaking down complex concepts so they are easy to understand. I also teach entrepreneurship at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana. Having been a creative professional I know that at times it’s hard to believe in yourself and sometimes you need someone to hold your hand and push you to do the things that you’re  scared of or don’t want to do. So that’s how I work with you. I help you step-by-step, sometimes while you’re kicking and screaming, to learn the skills that will help you do your best work and make a great living.  

I want to share my knowledge with you so you don’t have to be worried all the time. I want to help you get your work out to the people who it  speaks to and create the business and opportunities you need to contribute your creative vision to the world. Even if you never really thought you’d be able to make that happen, I know you can and I’ll show you how.