From My Heart To Yours

December 9th, 2013 by Sheryl Kosovski Filed Under: Articles


images copy 12I know that you have read and been told that it’s important to keep in touch with your prospective clients. That you need to be writing blog posts, emails and communicating through Facebook or other social media. That you need to be letting your clients know that you are the person they need to help them solve a problem they’re having. But, how do you do that?


The answer is you get to know your client really well. I know you’ve heard that before too. But, if you are like I was you probably don’t really understand what that means or what to do to get to know them.  Mostly when you do exercises in marketing you are looking at where your client lives, how old they are, and if they are male or female. The generic stuff. That just isn’t enough to give you the information you really need to build a trusting relationship with your client and alleviate any fears or concerns they may have about working with you or buying your products.


You have to pretend you are your ideal client. Imagine what your client’s life is like, what her hopes and fears are. Imagine that it’s 2:00 in the morning and your client can’t sleep. Get in her head and see what’s keeping her up, feel her anxiety and fear.  Maybe she’s worried that the house you are designing for her will come in seriously over budget.  Maybe she’s worried she won’t love the project you are working on together when its done or that the piece of jewelry she commissioned from you for her sister will be late and she won’t have anything to give her sister on her 30th birthday.


If you can imagine what your clients are thinking and feeling when they are alone and are being truly honest with themselves then you will know what to say to alleviate those fears, to let them know that you get them, that you have walked in their shoes and that you have something to offer them that can make a difference in their lives even if only in a small way. If you can slip inside her head, and listen to her inner conversations then you will know how to reach her with your words. You will know what to write in your blog posts, emails and other marketing, and on your website to be able to speak directly to her heart, and inspire her take action.


So, try this exercise I got from Nancy Tierny and she got from Marie Foleo.


“Pretend you are your ideal client. Get inside her skin and BE her, just for the next 10 minutes or so.


Now, write two journal entries as your ideal client.


  • In one, you’ll write your client’s deepest, darkest thoughts. Include all the things she’s afraid of or perhaps ashamed to admit. Go deep and let it all spill out onto the page.
  • Then, write another journal entry in which you, as your ideal client, explore your wildest dreams and desires. It’s as if someone just gave you (your client) a magic wand and now anything is possible. What is she excited about? What does she let herself imagine?”




Now that you have experienced your client from the inside out you will have a much better idea of what your work can mean to them and how to speak to them in a way that really touches them. All of us are looking for connection. Even over the internet.  We want to be heard and understood. Your clients should be like your dearest friends, so make sure you speak to them with the understanding and insight that they deserve.


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